The Magic of Fruit
A leader in the business of stylistically carved fruit since 2005, lets you choose from an infinite variety of tempting fruit baskets for any event or magical moment in life. The value of magic fruit's production, and its deliveries reaches every area in the country to anyone interested in giving an original, healthy, sensual and pampering gift. Everyone deserves magic. Abundance of gift baskets, tropical and candied fruits. Fresh sliced fruit cut that bring exotic tastes to any event. A gift for birthdays, partners, mothers day, young couples, for Bar/Bat Mitzvas, for a friend, or boss, a separation gift, or even a gift for yourself. ...
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קסם הפרי - צור קשר מהיר

קסם הפרי - שלח הודעה ליצירת קשר

סלסלת פירות - תוספות מתוקות להזמנת משלוחי פירות
Large Ferrero Rouche Chocholate : 45 NIS
Tofifee chocholates: 15 NIS
Ferrero Rouche Chcolates: 30 NIS
Mozart Chocolate Heart: 35 NIS
Mozart Chocolate Schokis 40 NIS
Reffaelo Chocolate 30 NIS
Merci Chocolate 30 NIS

Honey and jams: 25NIS
Honey 200 gr: 20 NIS
 Almond liquer 350 ml: 30 NIS


   The passion basket
   The hospitality basket
   The full basket
   Friendship Basket
   From the Heart Basket
   Exotic magic basket
   Special for holidays basket
   Temptation Basket
   The magic of Love basket
   The Magic of the Senses
   Dried Fruit Tray
   The magic of creativity Tray
   Melody Tray
   Magic of colors Tray

The Magic of Fruit 

Fruit baskets and deliveries from “The Magic of Fruit” excite the senses and provide a wonderful and unforgettable gift idea. Baskets of exotic fruits in surprising combinations, will turn your gift into an unforgettable experience of health, colors and tastes. Looking for an idea for a gift? A romantic gift or birthday gift? Try “magic of birthdays” a beautiful basket of fruit filled with, which will provide the birthday with all it needs: strength, energy and pampering.

Celebrating a wedding? Looking for a romantic gift? Go with the magic of seduction, an impressive basket of fruit which includes: Fresh figs, slices of mango, slices of aromatic pineapples, exotic cactus, that you will love to offer,
and thats not all!
The fruit basket “The Magic of Seduction” also includes juicy Sabras, fresh sliced coconut, pomegranate seeds, sweet figs, filled with chocolate and dates filed with salty nuts- exotic fruits which will rekindle your love each time anew.

Celebrating a birthday? Looking for an idea for a gift? Surprise the birthday boy with magic from theheart, a fruit basket containing slices of exotic fruits in crazy combinations and exciting flavors, an idea for a gift that you can't stop enjoying. Cherries, blackberries, peaches, kiwis, pineapples, strawberries, pomegranates, figs, truly the land of milk and honey. Everything that you dream of and way more. Just grab from the tray and pop it in your mouth, what a wonderful gift!

Feel the Kiwi touch your tounge, the passion fruit that explodes in your mouth, because of its ripeness.A mound of cherries winks with a smile promising that nothing is as good as “The Magic of Fruit” We design such impressive fruit baskets for you, that the happy reciever of the gift will not believe its originality. “The Magic of Fruit”, an original gift which will which will instantly become the fun of the party!

Want to prepare a big surprise? To make sure the recipient of the gift never forgets you? Order a splendid basket of fruit from “The magic of fruit” now!

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