The Magic of Fruit
A leader in the business of stylistically carved fruit since 2005, lets you choose from an infinite variety of tempting fruit baskets for any event or magical moment in life. The value of magic fruit's production, and its deliveries reaches every area in the country to anyone interested in giving an original, healthy, sensual and pampering gift. Everyone deserves magic. Abundance of gift baskets, tropical and candied fruits. Fresh sliced fruit cut that bring exotic tastes to any event. A gift for birthdays, partners, mothers day, young couples, for Bar/Bat Mitzvas, for a friend, or boss, a separation gift, or even a gift for yourself. ...
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קסם הפרי - צור קשר מהיר

קסם הפרי - שלח הודעה ליצירת קשר

סלסלת פירות - תוספות מתוקות להזמנת משלוחי פירות
Large Ferrero Rouche Chocholate : 45 NIS
Tofifee chocholates: 15 NIS
Ferrero Rouche Chcolates: 30 NIS
Mozart Chocolate Heart: 35 NIS
Mozart Chocolate Schokis 40 NIS
Reffaelo Chocolate 30 NIS
Merci Chocolate 30 NIS

Honey and jams: 25NIS
Honey 200 gr: 20 NIS
 Almond liquer 350 ml: 30 NIS



Terms of service

Dear customers
fruits are an inseparable part of a perfect event. Kesem ha Pri is not only exported fruit but a special and exotic experience. We can deliver to any personal event- wedding, bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah, brit milah, or a party. We can deliver fruit baskets, fruit trays and special personal items to mach the occasion.
If you are having an event, and are interested in ordering our product
please call 03-5619596

Romantic gift: Original romantic gifts at a new level, exotic fruit baskets arouse all the senses of taste more than chocolate, and are more exciting than flowers. Theres nothing more romantic than this as a gift of many colors and tropical tastes. The fruits are clean, fresh, peeled, sliced, and designed with love. They are all class A for export
Dear client,
We are happy that you chose “Kesesm ha Pri Israel” as an original gift for any magical moment in life. We are happy that you chose an original gift- a basket of fruit designed at Kesem ha pri Israel. We will do everything in order to provide an original variety, and that you will continue to be a satisfied customer. We would like you to know that for us the customer is the most important person in the company. Kesem ha pri Israel will do everything possible to make sure the customer leaves satisfied and therefore our company goes by: reliability, quality without compromises, a fixed price, on time deliveries, and good customer relations.

The company Kesem ha pri promises that the information published on this site and all that is stated by our representatives is reliable and updated constantly, as quickly as possible.

Quality of Fruit:
Every day (except holidays) our staff chooses fruit classified as class “A”, suitable
for wholesale export. The cutting and washing of fruits occurs under the cleanest conditions. Every item in the basket is chosen carefully.

We promise that all details provided to our company by the customer will be kept in confidentiality, especially personal details. No unfit use of will occur and they will not be passed to a third party..

Legal price:
We promise to do all in our power to sell our products according to the legally accepted prices in the market so that you can enjoy protected and cheap prices.

We will do our best to deliver all orders to the right place at the exact right time, relying on our skilled and polite delivery crew. .

Customer Service:
We are happy to answer any question, comment, or recommendation.

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