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A leader in the business of stylistically carved fruit since 2005, lets you choose from an infinite variety of tempting fruit baskets for any event or magical moment in life. The value of magic fruit's production, and its deliveries reaches every area in the country to anyone interested in giving an original, healthy, sensual and pampering gift. Everyone deserves magic. Abundance of gift baskets, tropical and candied fruits. Fresh sliced fruit cut that bring exotic tastes to any event. A gift for birthdays, partners, mothers day, young couples, for Bar/Bat Mitzvas, for a friend, or boss, a separation gift, or even a gift for yourself. ...
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קסם הפרי - צור קשר מהיר

קסם הפרי - שלח הודעה ליצירת קשר

סלסלת פירות - תוספות מתוקות להזמנת משלוחי פירות
Large Ferrero Rouche Chocholate : 45 NIS
Tofifee chocholates: 15 NIS
Ferrero Rouche Chcolates: 30 NIS
Mozart Chocolate Heart: 35 NIS
Mozart Chocolate Schokis 40 NIS
Reffaelo Chocolate 30 NIS
Merci Chocolate 30 NIS

Honey and jams: 25NIS
Honey 200 gr: 20 NIS
 Almond liquer 350 ml: 30 NIS


The hospitality basket

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The hospitality basket

580.00 NIS
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The hospitality basket

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The hospitality basket
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The Hospitality Basket

Do you have a house warming party? Inviting friends? Visiting family and want to give a great gift? The hospitality basket is an ideal gift for you! Your friends and family won't stop thanking you for the wonderful basket with a mouthful of ripe fruit. This will save you a lot of time preparing food, as the fruit is already sliced and crystal plates are included for serving. The evening will be a success and the room will fill with smiles when you say “Lehayim” with the champagne and the dessert of wonderful fruits. What an unforgettable experience of hospitality!

The hospitality basket contains:
Crimson grapes, green grapes exotic stars of carambola, sweet red strawberries, half of a watermelon, sweet and ripe, slices of fresh pineapple, ripe sabras, loquats (sweet and sour). Patience, we've just started. Also includes pink lady apples, strips of pear, cumquats gold and tasty, pieces of exotic and sweet kobo, pieces of cactus, moist dates from honey and slices of Kiwi. That and more!We also include sweet energy snacks in our basket including dates stuffed with nuts, figs stuffed with almond, dried apricot filled with nuts and dried apricots with Luzina snacks in rich flavors.

Basket, 45-65 cm
crystal plates for serving,
a bottle of wine or champagne of your choice,
2 cups

The Kobo:
Kobo is the name of an exotic cactus which is called the “apple of the desert”. Kobo comes in many colors from yellow-orange to bordeaux. The Kobo has a plain skin with edible seeds on the inside. It is possible to eat Kobo with a spoon, or to slice it. The taste of the Kobo is delicate and interesting and it is recommended to chill it a few hours before serving. The Kobo is low in calories and rich in vitamin C. It also contains Taurine, a necessary amino acid for our bodies.


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